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Start Your Engines!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Hey guys!

As per usual I have lots going on in the works! Blick art store has hung up my paintings for sale and featured me as their artist of the month! I have been painting like an absolute madman, gearing up of the Awakening into the Sun Festival in sunny St. Pete Florida. Fingers crossed its a big hit because somebody... may have spent all the business money on paint, tents, and things. Let's jump into it!

It has been awesome working with Blick, they have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I currently have 16 different works up. 2 full blown acrylic pours, 3 cherry/ bonsai trees, 3 feathers, 2 peace spirits, 4 flowers, a cracked rainbow, and the lily pads. I'm not getting my hopes up that they will sell but the exposure is great. Still hoping they'll sell though!

Moving right along, I have been non stop painting for the last week. The only exception would be going to my day job, sleeping, and having the occasional beer. I have amassed a total collection of 31 painting! they all widely vary in size and style. A lot of which you've seen here on my site. Some of them include Bonsai trees, Acrylic pour, feathers, flowers, and cracked rainbows! It's interesting, I no longer sell spray paint planets but they are a crucial feature of my zen garden collection. I have also made some mini zen gardens with planets and moons in the background.

Mini Willow

Cracked Rainbow

Foliage Feather\

Mini Bonsai

Salamander Feather

I am so excited to do the Awakening into the Sun Festival! There will be live indie music, yoga, food trucks and over 150 artists! (Of course all your furry friends are invited too!) Not going to lie as excited as I am, I'm also pretty nervous. This is my first big sale of any type and its going to be huge. Fingers crossed everything works out. Again the festival is this weekend (March 11th and 12th) at North Straub Park downtown St. Pete (10am - 7pm) I hope to see some of you there!!!

Ok with all that stuff out of the way there is one final account to address. Ya boi is flat broke. I have successfully spent all the money that was invested into this business except for $60 (way to go me!). I will need around $800 to breakeven at this point but there is a silver lining! I have a business strategy to sell a lot of the festival. Most of the artists there are pros and have been practicing for a long time. Naturally, their work is highly valued and can get pretty expensive. I on the other hand am still an amateur and so my prices are going to reflect that. With the majority of work being highly priced I will stand out to be much more affordable. Additionally, if someone is buying large expensive painting a smaller cheaper option doesn’t sound too bad. And this is all obtainable, I am bringing around $1,200 worth of artwork to be sold at the festival so hears hoping it pays off!

Thank you all for sticking with me through this adventure and I hope to see some of you there!

Carver :)
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