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New Art Launch and future plans

Hey guys! So last week I said that I am looking into some new types of art, specifically Acrylic Pours. If you go to my gallery you'll see that I have a whole new category named "Acrylic Pour". I am so happy with how these turned out! I will be selling them at the Spartan Market next week (Nov 17th). Unfortunately I my sales date this week got cancelled as another vendor who took the spot. I wasn't aware that there were only so many spots on any given day. But never the less I made sure that I would be selling the first Friday after Thanksgiving break.

"Hellfire" Acrylic Pour

Not being able to sell this week was a big blow to my business especially after last weeks sale got canceled too. In order to mitigate this I think I'll switch to selling every other week on campus and look towards selling at art shows. I also plan to sign up for campus days 3 weeks in advanced so that I am first to the spot and that the school has plenty of time to clear me. I also looked into selling at farmers market, the only issue is that they normally want my business to be sustainable or benefit the planet in some way. Due to the nature of spray paint this was going to be hard, aerosol isn't really the best choice for a happy healthy planet. I considered turning my old spray paint cans into candle holder silhouette pieces, but that requires a lot of work, cutting a metal can, designing silhouettes, hoping the piece I'm cutting won't explode. Not to mention I'm assuming someone will actually want to buy one of these. It just doesn't make since especially for a work around.

Being able to sell at an art show would not only grant me exposure to clients with larger budgets, meaning I can charge more, I also can freely sell my works without needing to be "ecologically sustainable". the only downside is that I will probably have to pay extra to get a spot but I've been needing to pay anyways so that no biggie. I currently have 7 acrylic painting to sell at the market, I am looking to at least have 15 by the date of the sale.

Nothing like putting on some hard rock and getting messy with paint! I'm thinking about selling the 9x12" acrylic pours for $25 and the 16x20" in for $45. I feel like those are fair prices but in interested to see what you all think.

Thank you all for the support and I'll fill you in next week!

Fingers Crossed!!

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1 Comment

Beckett Thompson
Beckett Thompson
Dec 07, 2022

Very impressive, hope the selling went well!

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