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Back in Business!

Hey guys! Yesterday was huge for CMC. The Spartan Market was a huge success. I recognized lots of friendly faces, people who have been my return customers since I started. The new acrylic pour paintings were a huge hit also. I sold 5 of the small ones and 1 big one! I also know what I need to change for my medium spray paint planets (I haven't sold one in weeks), more on that later though. Finally, I have a plan for a graduation sale as well as a new art piece!

Wow, I really needed this sale not only for the business but for myself also. yesterday was the first time I've been able to sell in 2-3 weeks, not for lack of trying though. It's easy to lose confidence when the expenses keep piling up, you have a ton on inventory just waiting to be sold, but you just cant go anywhere. To break free from that felt great and I can't wait to come back from thanksgiving to give it another shot!

I think I figured out why I haven't sold a medium spray paint planet recently. Ever since I rolled out my small canvas planets they have sold beautifully but halted all sales on the medium planets, and it makes since why. I sell the smalls at $10 a piece and the mediums at $20, double the price for extra canvas (and maybe an extra planet) so why would you pay double when its basically the same just larger (its also this logic that I think the small paintings have been so popular). My plan is to lower the price to $15 so that it makes more since, I expect to sell less small painting and more mediums with this change.

So I've had this idea rolling around in my head for a few weeks now. I want to combine spray paint and acrylic pour and I think the best way to do this is custom stencil. Last week I ran to Blick for more supplies and snagged some oil board. I am going to cut the board into a stencil and layer it on top of my acrylic pours. I have 2 different ideas for the stencils, the first is for normal use and the other is for the graduation sale. For the first I want to make the a puffy version of the stick figure man (the bathroom icon) chilling on a couch in the center of one of my acrylic pours. The second I found some vector images of people in graduate caps and gowns, I want to make them a stencil and position the year in gold above it. Additionally I am going to see when the parents are visiting so I can sell the speciality graduation piece to them (hopefully).

Lastly check out the acrylic pours tab in my gallery for new paintings! My personal fav is the red and blue!

Thank you all for the support and I can't wait to see what comes next!
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